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Pedal to the Metal Radio Show Nov 19, 2014
Written by The Speedster   

This week on the Pod Cast Aaron Kleine stops by, Doug Jenkins starts a series about 25 years of track announcing in this edition he explains the popularity of the Econo Late Models , Brandon Mudd reports from the NHRA World Finals and Doug is back with an archived interview from 2011 with the one and only Lenny "Fireball" Garson

The 2300lb Elephant
Written by The Speedster   

(or what’s it going to take to keep our sport alive)

By The Speedster


There are several different discussions going on in the local message board, one is the idea for Fayette County Speedway (Brownstown) to run Late Models and the other is for Belle Clair to race on Sunday’s.

The underlying answer to both threads is NO F’n way!

Wow Speedster you say, such a bold statement, well the problem in both is the main attraction in local stockcar racing, the Late Models. They’re just too damn costly, so herein is the problem.

If there was ever a finger pointing game it’s occurring right now between in the Late Models VS Race Promoters VS Race fans. It seems everyone talks the talk but nobody wants to walk the walk. The Late Models need larger purses because the cost of motors, tires and travel expenses which are causing some to park their rigs. The race promoters can’t squeeze another dollar from their gate receipts and the spectators want to see Late Models and refuse to support any of the lower classes.

So what needs to be done?

The 2300 lb Elephant
Written by The Speedster   

The 2300 lb Elephant

(That Nobody’s Talking About)

By The Speedster

It’s been a hectic several weeks if you are a B-Mod racer here in the St.Louis area. Just to recap, Scott Kuhn, the promoter at the Highland Speedway brought back to life a class that had long sat dormant. The popularity of the class grew like no promoter has seen in years. Drivers who had lost the thrill of racing returned to weekly racing. Modified racecars have resurfaced, the ones that have sat idle in garages, barns and fields because of current A-Mod rules have made them non-competitive now have a newfound home at the Highland Speedway in the B-Mod class.

Other promoters in the area were soon to take note, drivers requesting that they allow the B-Mods to race at their tracks, the world of B-Mod racing looked bright! That is until tracks wanted to tweak the original Highland rules. Drivers went to the national sanction body for help and answers for this newly revitalized class

So UMP decided to step in and bring the class under their umbrella of classes and created their version of rules for the 2015 racing season. We are being told the rules are a compromise of rules from all across the US.

Right away the message boards and social media lit up with opposition to the changes. Everything from engines, suspension members, rear ends, and shocks had everyone pretty livid on what was and what should be about these rules.

2014 B Mod Drivers Meeting Minutes

A recap of last nights meeting

4 November 2014 held at Aggressive Graphics, St Jacob IL

14-16 Drivers Attended

Start time 7:30pm / End time 8:45pm

1. Drivers were asked to rank tracks from one to seven based on where they were most likely to run in 2015. Track number in the chart below was the average choice taken from the 14 drivers that participated. Numbers show that Highland, Tri-City, Fayette County, and I-55 were the top choices.




*Tri City


Fayette Co








Paducah Ky



* Three drivers that voted Tri City noted that Non-UMP or Motor Rule/3 link only could change vote.

2. Concerns from the original UMP rules released on 27 October 2014.

2.1. Disagree with Open Motor Rule. Highland/Fayette Co Open Motor should be able to run with no weight addition.

2.2. 4 Wheel Brake. Drivers okay with running caliper on all 4 hubs but want the option for a shut off switch to right front.

2.3. Keep rear deck spoiler but with a height limitation of 6-8 inches.

2.4. Concern with total weight of car exceeding 2700 lbs. A safety concern during crashes.

2.5. Disagree with non-grooving of tires. Economy class should be able to get tires from upper class and groove to save money.

2.6. Disagree with limit chain. But, all over rail cars should have chain to prevent rear end from breaking away totally in a crash.

2.7. Disagree with lower control arm minimum length. Drivers request 11 inches.

2.8. Expand rules to allow straight bar or J bar in front of rear end.

2.9. Allow coil over shock spring on rear end, either forward or rear of axle, with no space limitation.

2.9. Expand shock approval to allow for QA-1 brand, BSB, ext.

3.0. Written procedures on how to get shocks approved.



Pedal to the Metal Radio Show Nov 5, 2014
Written by The Speedster   

This week it's only on the podcast , Doug Tye recently held a meeting with local B-Mod drivers about the rules UMP has recently announced, we get his reaction to this meeting, we also dig into the archives and talk with Steve Ellison a Sport Mod (B-Mod)  racer who competes in the class at the Highland Speedway and we have PRN's Nitro Notes and Garage Pass to complete this weeks Pedal To The Metal


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