Chili Bowl Ramblings from Wednesday and Thursday

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Sitting on the infield of the Tulsa Expo Center waiting for practice to start and figured i would kill some time and tell you about the first couple of days here!

First and foremost…for all the Tony Stewart bashers out there….Give it a rest. He is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He took time to do a video for me to send my Fiancee who is at home and unable to attend this year to wish her well and tell her to get better….Did he have to do this?? No he did not but he took the time because he is just that kind of guy. Period…end of discussion…

The first two night’s  I have been here have been amazing. The Racing has been off the charts. Some of the favorites have had their struggles and some young up and coming guys have made a name for themselves.

Rico dumped it Wednesday  night and then missed the A main so he will be playing alphabet soup on saturday to make the show, which will make for some exciting races saturday.

Chris Bell was bad fast on Thursday and is looking strong going into the A Main on Saturday.

Getting ready for Practice, gotta get the camera’s ready…be back with more later!!





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