Dump The Sanction Bull#@%&


For those of you that don’t happen to follow  the Fayette County Speedway on Facebook, Charlie Depew, the tracks promoter, announced earlier this fall that he approached the Lucas Oil Late Model Series about hosting a race this coming Summer, while he hasn’t received an answer from the Lucas Oil people, he did receive a non-official response from the UMP, Fayette County Speedway was NOT on the 2017 UMP Summer Nationals Schedule, Depew went to social media to garner support for the track and for a large independent race in place of the SN date. To follow the subject and to voice your opinion follow the Fayette County Speedway go to Facebook.com/Fayette County Speedway.

One of the responses in that particular thread was from Michael Burmeister whose family has been struggling to keep their racetrack , Clay County Speedway/ Rt45 Raceway afloat. He replied….

 Michael Burmeister Wanna save the sport? Dump the sanctions! They ALL and I mean ALL! do NOTHING for the tracks! Promoters pay fees, Drivers pay fees, the sanctions get sponsors who pay BIG money which does NOT go to the tracks to pay purses! Do the math! It defiantly does not go towards years end point funds either!! Also some sponsors (not all) are under agreements with the sanctions that they CANNOT sponsor RACETRACKS! Guess who benefits? Not the tracks or the drivers! Who gets hurt when tire rules are changed? Not the sanctions! Who gets hurt when no cars or fans show up? Not the sanctions! They get there money no matter what! The PROMOTER again gets the Shitty end of the stick every time! Any decision a promoter makes is highly criticized, and the tracks are easily boycotted, yet if people would open there damn eyes they would see that a promoter does not make decisions that he thinks will hurt the track! It’s his livelihood!!! Yet he will be the first to be shunned, yet these damn sanctions screw everyone over nonstop and by racing season it’s like they are perfect…. 

DROP the weekly sanction bullshit, run bigger biweekly or monthly shows, quit the 4-5 classes a race night stuff! Fans who come to watch your big name drivers do NOT want to sit through hours of the other classes, you are the promoter CHARLIE, don’t listen to anyone else’s opinions, it’s not there money that will be lost!! 
It’s easy math, this past year one regular race nights 60-90cars…. and only have 2-300 people in the stands or less!!! what is the point???? Why put all the effort into a weekly shows that don’t bring fans???????

Well ….. . this comes from a gentleman who actually owns a race track, not a promoter hired by a fair grounds to run their track., his family that has spent out of pocket money to build and maintain a first class facility and they have tried throughout the years to run their track with two different sanctioning bodies, none of which  provided any assistance to keep their track open.

I agree with some of his thoughts but I feel weekly racing is a must, it’s the backbone of the sport. If a promoter and his drivers can agree on a set of rules and forget all the Unlimited Money Programs unlimited rules maybe tracks like Clay County can reopen the doors and bring weekly racing back to the track   If you had read any of the other two blogs that I recently published you can follow what I would purpose in keeping your local track open, my next post will be about payouts and points.



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