The Dome Race…Boom or Bust??

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Boom or Bust??? Well that is to be determined. We have not even seen one night of racing and already the “experts” and I use that term loosely…are saying it wont work. It’s gonna be a “joke”. Direct quote from a FB user…”Joke”..really. If you know this already can I have the winning power ball numbers for this week please and thank-you!!

Maybe you should become a promoter if you think you can do better yes?? Gotta love all the “experts” who will tell you how it should be done but I don’t see them trying to pull this or anything else off….

Why not take a wait and see approach? Let it all unfold and then make an educated assessment of the event? now there is a novel thought.

I was at Indy last year when these same ¬†gentleman put on the Indy Invitational. It was an OK race. The venue was small but they made it work, they tried…..That’s all you can ask for right. Give it a good go and see what happen’s. Was it the best race ever? No it was not but it was racing and it was in December and it was on dirt. Did they do everything right no they didn’t, it was a learning experience for all involved and they have taken what they learned from that event and are applying it to the Dome race to make it bigger and better.

Nothing ventured nothing gained..Where would we be in today’s world if people didn’t try new things or experiment or have new idea’s and inventions?? Cody Sommer and crew are doing their best to bring 3 night’s of good ole’ fender rubbin dirt track racing indoors in the dead of winter to help us die hard’s quench our thirst for the sport we love.

I wonder how many people said the Chili Bowl would be a “Joke”? It aint gonna inside on dirt..what the hell.

Well, guess what, it worked and is now one of the most prestigious midget races in the country.

Kevin Gundaker and crew have been hard at work all week putting the track together and it looks awesome. Kenny Wallace made some laps on it yesterday afternoon and had this to say.

“First thing I want to address is this. The Gateway Dirt Nationals inside the Dome is NOT going to be a shit show and here is why. It’s big in there.” Wallace said on his FB page. “The track is as big as Belleville or Macon. The track caught me off gaurd. It’s big and wide.”

As for the people worried about fumes inside, it should not be bad. They run moto-cross and monster trucks inside the dome and its never been an issue. The air handling system in the dome can turn the entire dome air over and pump in new fresh air from outside every 20 minutes.

So lets run the race, see what happen’s and then evaluate the situation. Not bash it but make an educated observation of how the event went and learn from it to make it bigger and better and keep it going for years to come.

“Bashing” is killing our sport and does not accomplish anything so lets give Cody and the guys behind this idea a break and Lets sling some dirt in the dome and enjoy racing in December.

A “joke”? I think not….the only “Joke” is the one calling it a “Joke”.






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